An ode to Batu Bolong, favourite long boarders’ beach!

Batu Bolong perfect beginners’ beach to learn to surf:

You may love it or hate it, but Batu Bolong is an old time classic beach in Canggu! If you are a Batu Bolong lover, you will agree with me on the below:

Batu Bolong is the perfect beach to learn to surf. This is a fact! It is spread out so you have plenty of space from Batu Bolong temple all the way to Old Man’s. And yes, we know it can get crowded but still there is space for everyone.

Image 1 Batu Bolong beach wave Canggu Bali Surf School

A nice mellow wave perfect for learning

The perfect semi reef break:

The wave is mellow because it is a semi reef break. Though some people get scared when they hear the word ‘reef’, this wave is way too mellow compared to beach breaks. Beginners tend to love beach breaks because of the sand bottom, but truth is that a beach break wave can be much faster and steeper at times.

In fact this semi reef wave is perfect for beginners as it has a sand and reef bottom. Sand as you enter and a mellow reef that you will not understand it exists but will help you get as many waves as possible.

The wave in Batu Bolong is looong

The wave in Batu Bolong is long, and by long I mean looong. This is the perfect wave for beginners as they have time to adjust their position, correct their mistakes and also enjoy the ride.

Image 3 Batu Bolong beach wave Canggu Bali Surf School

Batu Bolong, an old time classic beach in Canggu!

Hanging out @Batu Bolong beach:

The beach itself has a nice vibe, is perfect for a sunset coconut or a sunset Bintang (= local Balinese beer) at one of the beach warungs (= type of beach bar) and apart from surfing is one of the best beaches to hang out.

One of my favourite things is to watch long boarders surf Batu Bolong during sunset while sipping my kelapa ( = coconut).

A stroll at the beach at sunset is also a must!

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