Rip Curl Cup: It’s on when it’s on!

How to find out when Rip Curl cup takes place?

Though this is not really a day trip, I couldn’t hold myself from writing about the Rip Curl Cup. I went there for the first time in 2014 and simply loved it. If you happen to be around in Bali in August when swell picks up, check the Rip Curl website as well as magic seaweed for swell updates. Who knows you might get lucky and get a chance to see the Rip Curl Cup live?

Padang padang one

Once you see this, you are definitely very near

This surfing competition organised by Rip Curl does not have an exact date. It takes place in July/August when swell is big enough for the breaks in Bukit including Uluwuatu, Bingin and Padang Padang to be pumping! You will learn about the event literally the last minute. Once you do, don’t miss it. Just drive down to Bukit to see what it is all about.

Info about the Rip Curl cup:

The Rip Curl cup has been going on from 2004. In fact the inaugurational event in 2004 was held in Uluwuatu. The event has seen names such as Lee Wilson (2006 champion in Bingin), Jamie O’brien (2009 champion in Padang) and Chris Ward (2012 champion in Padang again). The last years (from 2013 onwards) big names in the Indonesian surf scene such as Garut Widhiarta and Mega Semadhi rule the event.

Padang padang two

Me and my friends watching the event from Padang cliff in 2014

And for the girl surfers out there, some interesting info.  Bethany Hamilton was the first ever girl to be awarded a wild card to participate in the Rip Curl Cup in 2012.

What you should know if you are going to be there?

Depending on where the event takes place, you might find a warung to sit at or not. For example if the event takes place in Uluwuatu, you can always sit at the shadow of one of the warungs and watch. However, if the event takes place in Padang Padang (as it has been from 2013 onwards), get ready to watch the event from Padang Padang cliff. The scenery is really cool but it also means that it can get really hot. So do bring lots and lots of water. Make sure you wear a hat and put on strong sun cream. Also try to go earlier so that you can find some shadow. If you want to take pics (I strongly recommend you do) take a camera with good zoom as the waves and surfers are quite far.

Garut two

Award ceremony at Padang beach back in 2014 when Garut nailed it to number one!

Do stay until the end of the event and watch the award ceremony. During the ceremony, you will get a chance to see all the big local and international names from really close. You might even get lucky and take a selfie. I especially love Padang beach where the award ceremony was held in 2014. The beach itself is really nice. The event in its simplicity was one of the most cool surf events I ever went to.

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